SuperPro Updated CodeCover Engine – Windows 10 (build 1803)

We have now released the updated “Sentinel SuperPro CodeCover Engine version” (v2.8.0.18), that  provides support for Windows 10 (update 1803).

SuperPro CodeCover Engine had to be re-compiled with our new SuperPro library for Windows.

This new CodeCover package is available through the -> Sentinel SuperPro for Windows Downloads page.

NOTE: Please note that like for SHK & RMS CodeCover, SuperPro CodeCover protected application now requires “msvcr71.dll” at runtime.

This C Runtime library should be copied to the protected application folder.

If this C Runtime library is not found, it may result to Error “E0008 –Cannot load library import” and SuperPro CodeCover crashes.

If you require an official Microsoft download of the C Run-Time (CRT) v7.1 from Microsoft «msvcr71.dll », note that this DLL is part of the pack « Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 » and here is a download link for it:

After installation of this .NET Framework v1.1, , the file «msvcr71.dll » can be found in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\

Please also read Microsoft recommendations, regarding deployment of this CRT DLL :

“The shared CRT DLL has been distributed by Microsoft in the past as a shared system component. This may cause problems when you run applications that are linked to a different version of the CRT on computers that do not have the correct versions of the CRT DLL installed. This is commonly referred to as the “DLL Conflict” problem.

 To address this issue, the CRT DLL is no longer considered a system file, therefore, distribute the CRT DLL with any application that relies on it. Because it is no longer a system component, install it in your applications Program Files directory with other application-specific code. This prevents your application from using other versions of the CRT library that may be installed on the system paths.”