Sentinel Fit 1.4.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Sentinel Fit 1.4.3.

Main Features :


  • Enterprise EMS as-a-Service – Sentinel Fit will only be delivered with EMS Enterprise delivered as a service.  


  • Quantity – Ability to have EMS control a pool that can be partially activated. Specifically for an ISV/IDV this means that they can activate n number products from an entitlement to a single device. The Device during runtime can check how many products were activated on this device and then control (through custom ISV/IDV logic) the behaviour of the application as desired.


  • Custom Attributes – Ability for a vendor to pass custom information during license activation time and can be read from the license (read-only). Leveraging this feature an ISV/IDV can implement any number of business models that may not be supported out-of-the-box by Sentinel Fit.


For more details please use this link.