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Alexandra is the newest member of the SRM Marketing team. After serving as an intern since 2010, she has officially taken on the role of Assistant Product Marketing Specialist. In this position, she works closely with the rest of the SRM team to create campaigns and collateral. Alex graduated in May 2012 receiving departmental honors from Washington College with her degree in Business Management.


Sentinel EMS 2.6 Installer Patch

This patch has been created to address an issue with the Sentinel EMS 2.6 Installer that can corrupt an installation when using the “change/modify” option.   Includes: Sentinel EMS 2.6 Patch ReadMe.pdf EMS2.6_DisableChange.bat The package can be downloaded from (DOC ID 20330)


YPS communication issue on Windows

Check about Microsoft update installation on system. This update is for Windows XP, Vista, Server2003/2008, Windows 7 and 8 Problem: The issue is in validating the server certificate by Runtime during SSL handshake from YPS Cause: Microsoft has deprecated RSA certificates with length less than 1024 and provided a patch on…


System.AccessViolationException at HASP login call on Windows 7

Problem: System.AccessViolationException was caught at hasp login() “Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.” Source=hasp_net_windows Cause: hasp_net_windows.dll is not recognized and loaded properly Solution: This is specific to Windows 7 settings. On few systems the issue is resolved after checking…


NEW! Sentinel LDK Documentation

New Sentinel LDK Documentation is now available and includes the following resources: Release Notes Installation Guides Software Protection and Licensing Guide LDK – EMS User’s Guide LDK – EMS Web Services Guide LDK – EMS Configuration Guide To access this documentation, please visit 


Sentinel EMS 2.6 Release

Sentinel EMS is a web-based application that provides Software Publishers a centralized tool for all license and entitlement management functions, a simple interface to back office systems, and a variety of advanced data collection and reporting functions. These features enable to improve business operations, thereby enhancing the end-user experience and…


Sentinel License Development Kit 6.3 (Sentinel LDK GA Release)

Feature Highlights to the new Sentinel LDK Release: New Back-end System (EMS) Certificate-based licensing Next-generation Hardware Keys License Re-hosting Installation Without Administrator Rights SL Protection Keys for Linux Sentinel LDK Envelope Security Enhancement Sentinel LDK Envelope for Mac Now Supports Data Encryption and Decryption Sentinel License Generation API Sentinel admin…