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LDK ADMIN API – Zone Alarm may interfere with DNS

Scenario: Win 7 machine with latest Zone Alarm firewall and Anti-virus installed Using LDK 6.4 ADMIN API: sntl_admin_context_newlocalhost and port 1947sntl_admin_getRetrieve All Key data Error 6002 SNTL_ADMIN_LM_NOT_FOUND In few cases it’s observed that Zone Alarm is interfering with DNS. Solution: Use Or edit file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts  adding (or uncomment) row127.0.0.1 localhost


Error while installing haspdinst.exe (Status Code 52 5 726 32)

Following steps can be followed one by one and try to install the drivers after each step: Use the Sentinel HASP Runtime Environment Removal tool available on the below path: Stop any antivirus or firewall available on the system and try to install the drivers again. hasplms.exe is available under…