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Supported versions of LINUX for LDK Embedded

LDK Embedded protected applications are officially supported only on Ubuntu 11.10 with Beagle Board xM (ARM Cortex-A8 or compatible CPU)   Please look for “Sentinel LDK Embedded” on the following page:


SQL-Query to return ‘All Entitlements and their content that are assigned to a specific Key Id’

Input Parameter:  Key Id Output : Customer Name (CSTMRName) Entitlement ID (ENTId, EId) Start date of Entitlement (StartDate) End date of Entitlement (EndDate) Reference ID 1 (RefId1) Reference ID 2 (RefId2) Key Type (KeyTypeId) Hasp ID (HASPId) Product ID (PrdId) Product Name (PRDName) Product Version (productVersion) Feature ID (FTRId) Feature…


Custom haspdinst with HASP and LDK

Steps with HASP Business Studio to deliver an updated RTE package: (Must be done on each Vendor Suite installation) 1)Update “personalized” RTE Download new “standard” RTE 6.56 from here: Backup or rename the old 5.95 or 5.x in your Vendor Suite installation: C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP\Redistribute\Runtime Environment\cmd Install\haspdinst.exe And replace it with…


Show unrecognised features/products in EMS

While creating a new feature, EMS sometime shows “feature id not available”. The may be due to the created features/products/entitlements that are hidden in EMS by default. To make them visible, go to EMS Admin Console > General Configuration > enable the checkbox “Show auto created features/products/entitlements” Now restart the…


How to enable logs in runtime-less environment for LDK?

Add the following entries in hasp_xxx.ini file: requestlog = 1loglocal = 1logremote = 1logadmin = 1errorlog = 1 The logs will get created in the same folder as of ini file i.e. For windows XP – %UserProfile%/Local Settings/Application Data/SafeNet Sentinel/Sentinel LDK/ For Windows7 – %LocalAppData%/SafeNet Sentinel/Sentinel LDK/