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Q: How to use hasp_get_info API to retrieve session information

A:  Use format template:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><haspformat root="hasp_info"><si_feature/>< si_container/></haspformat> <si_feature/> extracts feature information and < si_container/> extracts key memory. Since hasp_get_info won’t log in to a feature, it displays information about all features included in HASP key.


Sentinel LDK runtime installation fails with error 577 – digital signature verification failure

Ensure you are using the latest runtime package available at: These drivers are digitally signed but the machine or specific machine configurations might fail to verify the signature. In this case: 1) Open command prompt in elevated mode (Run As Administrator) and execute the following commands: bcdedit -set LOADOPTIONS…


Enveloping a MATLAB application

In order to envelop a MATLAB application, always change the subsystem/target to console. If the target is not “Console Application” then the “Background Check” option in envelop does not work which means that even if you remove the dongle then also the protected application keeps on running without any error…