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Sentinel RMS (Linux) Service Pack Release (32-bit/64-bit)

Feature Highlights: Introduced Stand-alone Persistence Cleaning Library for 64-bit Platforms Enhancement in the Persistence Cleaning APIs Enhancement in Obtaining Ethernet based Locking Codes Support Added for SLES 11 SP2 Numerous other improvements Please refer to the Release Notes included in the SDK, available at (Doc ID 20178) .


Sentinel Envelope for Android

This is to announce the general availability of Sentinel Envelope for Android, a file wrapper that provides intellectual property protection for Java applications developed for Android platforms.   Feature Highlights: Initial Release of Sentinel Envelope for Android Java Applications – This tool will be used to encrypt and obfuscate a…


Coming Soon: A New Technical Support Customer Portal

We’re excited to announce that SafeNet has developed a new and improved Technical Support Customer Portal. “We listened to what our customers were saying and our new platform is easy to use and includes many great self-service capabilities,” said Jack Waters, VP of Client Services. Our new customer portal will…


Sentinel RMS (Windows) Golden Release

Feature Highlights:• Usage log file enhancements• License string based network license revocation• Deferred license revocation• Separate PT generation and RT verification library• License manager hooking provided for Pre/Post Update events• Documentation enhancements• Numerous other minor enhancements and improvements Please refer to the Release Notes included in the SDK, available at  (Doc ID 19999).


Possible root causes for RMS Error 143

1) It occurs when persistence is in inconsistent state. There could be any reason which may corrupt a persistence file. This problem can be corrected using lsclean -fixrevoke 2) Error-143 could also occur when machine is not standalone initialized. This can be solved by performing standalone initialization for the feature-version…