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Possible root causes for RMS Error 143

1) It occurs when persistence is in inconsistent state. There could be any reason which may corrupt a persistence file. This problem can be corrected using lsclean -fixrevoke 2) Error-143 could also occur when machine is not standalone initialized. This can be solved by performing standalone initialization for the feature-version…


Master Wizard in RDP connection

In a Microsoft RDP connection, the ‘Master Update’ items may fail to apply preventing the Master introduction to complete. Locating the MWP package instead will work here. If the Master key is already up to date, it will still be possible to introduce the batch code and get API through RDP.


System.AccessViolationException at HASP login call on Windows 7

Problem: System.AccessViolationException was caught at hasp login() “Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.” Source=hasp_net_windows Cause: hasp_net_windows.dll is not recognized and loaded properly Solution: This is specific to Windows 7 settings. On few systems the issue is resolved after checking…