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Sentinel License Development Kit 6.3 (Sentinel LDK GA Release)

Feature Highlights to the new Sentinel LDK Release: New Back-end System (EMS) Certificate-based licensing Next-generation Hardware Keys License Re-hosting Installation Without Administrator Rights SL Protection Keys for Linux Sentinel LDK Envelope Security Enhancement Sentinel LDK Envelope for Mac Now Supports Data Encryption and Decryption Sentinel License Generation API Sentinel admin…


Sentinel LDK Runtime 6.55

Feature Highlights: RTE installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (previously only available with command-line installation), as well as Mac OS X 10.8 Packages that enclose the readme are available at:


Sentinel LDK v6.4 SDK

Feature Highlights: Sentinel HL Keys No Longer Require Drivers i.e. Run-Timeless Support (driverless) Extended Support for Sentinel HL Hardware Keys Sentinel HL Keys Can Now Be Upgraded to Driverless Configuration Sentinel HL Max Key Is Now Available in Chip Form Factor Software Manager System (SDK Update Mechanism) Enhancements to Sentinel…


SetLibPath method in LDK .NET DLL

HASP .NET interface exposes a method SetLibPath which add the newly specified path, that allows overriding the default search path to default search path for finding the associated vendor specific Licensing API library (i.e. hasp_windows_XXX.dll). // Updating the default path for loading the Licensing API library     hasp.SetLibPath(“C:\my_binary_directory”); So now your…


Supported versions of LINUX for LDK Embedded

LDK Embedded protected applications are officially supported only on Ubuntu 11.10 with Beagle Board xM (ARM Cortex-A8 or compatible CPU)   Please look for “Sentinel LDK Embedded” on the following page:


Sentinel LDK 7.3 Release

Sentinel LDK 7.3 is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac at Sentinel Customer Community. Feature Highlights: VM Live Migration Support that allows a protected application installed on a guest Virtual Machine to freely migrate between different physical hosts while protecting against unauthorized duplications of the license. Android Support for Sentinel Hardware…