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Installing HASP/LDK RTE daemons on 64bit Linux OS machines

Installing the 32bit Compatibility Package for 64bit Linux This technical note describes how to install the 32-bit compatibility package that is required in order to use the Sentinel LDK 6.4 Run-time Environment under a 64-bit Linux operating system.   The document could be downloaded from:


Custom haspdinst with HASP and LDK

Steps with HASP Business Studio to deliver an updated RTE package: (Must be done on each Vendor Suite installation) 1)Update “personalized” RTE Download new “standard” RTE 6.56 from here: Backup or rename the old 5.95 or 5.x in your Vendor Suite installation: C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP\Redistribute\Runtime Environment\cmd Install\haspdinst.exe And replace it with…


LDK 6.4 Envelope usage by customers using ‘HASP SRM Toolkit (Not LDK)’

Download Sentinel LDK v6.4 from: While running the setup.exe for LDK v6.4 you will get two options but you need to ONLY install/upgrade to ‘Sentinel LDK Vendor Suite’ and NOT ‘Sentinel EMS.’ After downloading/installing LDK Vendor Suite v6.4 run Envelope v6.4 Client Tool and please follow the below steps:  Note:…


System.AccessViolationException at HASP login call on Windows 7

Problem: System.AccessViolationException was caught at hasp login() “Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.” Source=hasp_net_windows Cause: hasp_net_windows.dll is not recognized and loaded properly Solution: This is specific to Windows 7 settings. On few systems the issue is resolved after checking…